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January 19, 2011
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That is the large advantage of XBMC. You install it and it works just fine.
That is a quite bold statement. :D
Yes you're right. It was a really bold one of me but what I wanted to say is that I really like the idea of being able to put many kinds of data into xbmc without having to install plugins or something like this. For example I know two good friends of mine who stopped working with MP because the want to have an included Movie/Series/MusicVideo database without having to install and maintain plugins.
They both like the easy usability of adding new files etc.

I also like MP more because of its really great tv part and flexibility but sometimes I really would like that there would be more pluginish things directly included in mp.


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    I also like MP more because of its really great tv part and flexibility but sometimes I really would like that there would be more pluginish things directly included in mp.
    I know. :)
    With the new features for the videos feature we introduce in 1.3.0 MP will be able to do more out of the box.

    What I'd love to see is more Extension Creators take use of MPE-Installer which really has a lot of benefits for the users.
    And the team has to develop MPE further to make it even easier for the end-user to find, install and configure extensions.
    But oddly that's something I have a very hard time finding people to work on. :confused:


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    January 19, 2011
    Trier, Germany
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    Yeah. I really like the new MyVideo section. Looking forward to this. :)
    And the best is that it won't be so long until it's released. :)

    I also like the repository / MPE-Installer idea. Every plugin developer should take the time to include the plugin into the MPE-Installer because it makes the starting hurdle for many people much lower. It's the same with skins. I stopped using non installer skins for my productive systems because I don't want to change things there manually.

    I'm a developer in rl to. I think it's some normal reaction for most of our folks :p
    Often developers like developing what is in there head. Distribution is for dummies or other guys. :p
    This is not meant as an insult. I know how hard it is to write the code and everyone wants changes and feature and you also have to complain about things around this.

    But I think that is the large point about it:
    If more functionality is in the standard release (like MyVideos 1.3.0 Redo) the plugin developers don't have to invent the wheel new. The only things they have to look at are real new features. Perhaps it would be cool if there would be the possibility to include some plugins in the standard releases when they are approved and tested and liked by the large amount of people. So other plugin developer would know that this kind of things are installed at the users pc and that they also can use functionality from this software.


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    May 20, 2012
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    Could be good news. Then we can hopefully get a standalone installation of WMC on XP.


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    Personally I think win8 will be a big step backwards, osing the DVD playback is possibly the most stupid idea I've heard in ages - corporate training DVDs anyone?
    Still good old Micro$oft...
    That is the large advantage of XBMC. You install it and it works just fine.
    Right now my personal opinion is that if you run your HTPC with W7, then there is absolutely no need to "update" to W8. If you are on WinXp, then I'd rater
    upgrade to W7 which should become cheaper once W8 is out.
    MS have a bad habit of severely limiting the supply of 'old' OSes once the new version is out. This has the effect of making suppliers up the price of existing copies as demand soars and supply diminishes.


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    I dont see any need for MediaPortal for the near future anymore. With Windows8 all you need is a TV-Server and a Metro TV Client (or even better IP TV, i.e. Zattoo what I am currently using at home). All the rest can be done with Audio and Video apps (currently they are very poor but they will improve). All the touchscreen, large screen friendless is there with Metro.


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    I think we have to see which new feature W8 really will include (want to try w8 this weekend :p) and how good the controls with Metro really work and how good everything is customizable. You could be right IF Microsoft does everything right and response times etc. are really good. If this isn't the case one program which has the possibility to preload things into the ram etc have a real advantage.


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    TV Tuner and WMC Remote Control and Receiver no longer included in Windows Hardware Certification -> Link!

    Best regards

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