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October 3, 2007
it would be very apreciated to at least give choice to let MP work along WMP10 instead of WMP11 because actualy there is several issues with WMP11 VS many brands and model of mp3 players that are MTP device standard instead of let say :usb mass storage devices. Like my samsung player that is no longer corectly detected.It seams that the only good fix is to roll back to WMP10 witch does not go along with MP at all.MP is not at fault here it is just bad Microsoft software again and to my point bad manufacturers choice for mp3 player desing to make them so dependant of windows components.

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    There are directshow components MP requires from having WMP11 installed, they should normally be part of any windows dx update, but M$ in their wisdom, decided to put them in their player install instead, so we really are stuffed on this one.


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