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  • June 11, 2007
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    Hi, me again with my out of sync issues! I had problems with a GT430 I could never get to playback in sync so I bit the bullet some time ago and got what was the top card at the time.. GTX 660. All was well and everything played back nicely, but again recently its started playing back everything out of sync - even just 720p h264 encodes. The card is plugged into a 3.something 6 core bulldozer with 16gb of ram so I can't see that hardware grunt is an issue and it must be software. I've updated the drivers as they became available as they ussually have performance enhancements for certain games etc (which I started using the machine for to get the most out of the card).

    Now I'm out of sync. I've tried the latest drivers, and then the ones previous to these (non-beta) and I thought that made it better but its definitely out of sync again :(

    So can anyone advise what version drivers are working well for video playback? And is it really driver related (I use optical out to my AV receiver from my motherboard for audio).


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