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May 10, 2011
I tried to install this on MP 1.1.3 but it fails a dependency check. Is it likely to support 1.1.3 at some stage? Is there a way to manually install it?

I have been waiting for a plugin like this for ages!


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March 13, 2012
Germany Germany
THX, works like a charm with music, I have tested with a twonky server running on a QNAP Nas, and Archos a7.0H Internet tablet (Skifta for Android) and Skifta running on an old Laptop as sources, the archos is also my "Remote". This is what I have missed in MEPO, thx again.


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October 23, 2006
Italy Italy
Am i missing something?? I'm tring to send videos from my android phone to mp but mp is not seen by the phone....
Do i need some other piece of software to make this work??


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February 15, 2007
pretty much in the center
Germany Germany
Hey there hierl_w,

nice to see someone finally stepped up to the plate ;-)

At the moment I'm hard at work on the UPnP SERVER side of things and would like to join forces with you (@hierl_w).
I started something like this a while ago, but the existing stacks/frameworks for managed C# were/are - well let's say "lacking" - and therefore never published my findings...

you might want too have a look here:
At some point I was even able to stream video from my home server to mediaportal via my smartphone!!! But then I dug deeper and it broke ;-)
(I went for a little more generic approach and added the (former Intel) Developer Tools for UPnP sources with some fixed bugs I found.)

My goal is to build a MediaPortal UPnP suite which includes DMR (merged yours/mine), DMS (I'm on it right now) and DMC (gui plugin within MediaPortal) capabilities...
With your permission I'd like to incorporate your Renderer implementation in my plugin as well - at first glance you did way better then me ;-)
DMR would be GO and I or even better WE could move on and concentrate on DMS/DMC... I'd gladly give you r/w permissions on my repo (s. above)

This week I finally got back to this litte project (nice coincidence I found your plugin today). I spent the last 3 evenings reevaluating all the other (not-so) managed UPnP stacks out there (ie. Managed UPnP, Platinum UPnP SDK, Mono.UPnP, etc.) but got nowhere really and went back to the Intel stack.

Let's see what we can do in the future ;-)


I just figured that this one contains the outdated stuff:

Do you have a new repo somewhere or would like too share your sources with me/us?
And don't be shy - you've seen mine already ;-)


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February 15, 2010
Germany Germany
Hello guys,

sorry guys, I didn't noticte, that the thead have already a second page.

So I will compile with 1.1.3 compatibility feature,
but this Extension Maker make Problems.
Somebody have an info what version numbers are accepted in this tool,
min and max version in dependency is always reset to or

So I will send new version soon to forum.
I did much work because of the mp4-problem,
but no really good solution.
Seems to be a g_player problem, if mp4 is streamed.

Because I have not much time and experience in MP,
I also think it is a good idea to merge the projects.
I have no repo at moment (beside my NAS) ;-)
Your link Is from old version, it's not mine.
I have reworked and extended this code.
I check how I can give you the code most easily.

kind regards,


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February 15, 2007
pretty much in the center
Germany Germany
Hi hierl_w,

sounds good to me. Couldn't you just upload the zipped sources to your first post?
I'd then be able to incorporate your findings and add you to my repo with r/w permissions...



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July 8, 2006

Installed it on my MP and BubbleUPnP on my android phone.
I can see MP but nothing to play, i guess something should apper under "select library" in BubbleUPnP ?
I might miss something basic, anyone?



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January 19, 2011
Trier, Germany
Germany Germany
Is there a possibility to make a upnp party mode?
What I mean is. Could it be possible to add a feature that songs which I select on my UPNP remote (android phone or something like that) are queued at the end of the current playlist instead of starting it directly?

This would be great for parties where several people have a mobile phone and could "wish" songs.


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February 15, 2010
Germany Germany
is the plugin activated in plugin configuration?
try to save once the settings in the plugin config dialog.
you can also try, if you can control MP from your mediaplayer on the same machine.
Does this work? Does the mediaplayer show your upnp mediaserver and mediaportal client?
You should always try to play tracks from a upnp mediaserver, not from your local android space.
or perhaps it is a firewall problem.
tell me if it works, otherwise we have do look at the logfiles.

hafblade: sorry, but at the moment i have no time to add new features,
only bugfixing. After I have release sourcecode, perhaps somebody can help adding this feature.
It shouldn't be so much work. A setting to switch the mode and then only add the track path to playlist.
Using playlist and showing playlist window is already prepared in code. But coding in MP is so often
much try and error because of missing documentation and "code summary".

I hope to get the time to prepare the new mpe-package the next days and release sourcecode. please be patient.


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