1.25.0 Wrong signal strenth with Digital Devices Max M4 and CineS2 (1 Viewer)


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May 1, 2012
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for many years I used a Digital Devices CineS2 on a unicable system with Mediaportal. Recently I upgraded with an additional Digital Devices Max M4, which is a multituner card.
From the CineS2 I was used that the satellite signal strength is always 100%. Even if the signal is so weak that I have dropouts (due to bad weather). The wrong signal display was never a problem, because I could watch TV.

The new Max M4 shows a similar behavior, exept that the signal strength is always 0%. A sat scan with that card showed also 0% signal strength, but found all avaliabe stations, so the card works fine. Now I face the problem when I want to use the card to watch TV I get the message "No signal" what is definately not true. In a check with DD-TV the Max M4 worked fine so the error comes obviosly from Mediaportal. It seems to me that the signal strength isn't calculated correctly with Digital Devices cards and causes that I can't watch TV with the Max M4.

With the manual control of the TV-Server I startet some short timeshiftings alternating with the CineS2 and the Max M4. The logs of this test are in the attachment. I hope somebody can help me with that issue. If you need more information just contact me. I try to provide the missing infos.

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