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December 27, 2008
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With the recent announcement of Xbox One, and now that we've seen some of the features that comes with the new console, AND the likelyhood that many of us MediaPortal users probably will get an Xbox One (or PS4).... I thought I'd start this discussion (hopefully it's in the right forum).

Some of the things I saw w/ the Xbox One, which MediaPortal does in one way or another:
  1. Live TV w/ some kind of DVR functionality, it looks like. (they mentioned through cable box... I wonder if through antenna will be possible?)
  2. Video/Streaming playback (probably similar to Xbox 360).
  3. Some capability for video-file playback (probably similar to Xbox 360).
  4. Web Browser on your console (i.e. like us, on our HTPC).
  5. Skype/Video Chat.

I love MP, don't get me wrong, but who needs two machines/hardware rigs that do the same thing? Just thought I'd open up discussion here and see what everyone else was thinking.



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  • October 25, 2011
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    From what I have seen so far, the limitations for me would be:

    - streaming services are likely to only work best in the US where Hulu is available and Netflix has a proper catalogue.

    - My mediaportal setup serves the tv to the whole house with 6 tuners and multiple clients. I expect the XBOX will only have 2 and I have no idea of the client setup.

    I expect it might be interesting for someone who has a single machine in their living room, but for a proper server and multiple client setup I can't see it replacing MP.


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  • April 2, 2008
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    1. I think the TV-part is just an HDMI port where you can plugin an external settop-box or their (MS) own DVB-C tuner and then control it with an IR-blaster like device. So it's not a fully integrated tv-tuner. And your most likely limited to one recording at once, which kinda sucks when my setup records 4-8 channels at the same time ;)
    2. They added wireless streaming from mobile-phones or other devices. Would I use it? Probably not. All the great stuff is on my network and not on my phone or tablet.
    3. Haven't seen the improvements here, but current Xbox is kinda limited in a very MS-like way.
    4. Useless. When I browse the web in my couch, I use my tablet. Or my phone. Or even my laptop.
    5. Many so-called Smart TVs has Skype already. I still haven't heard anyone using it though. Maybe if it was Facetime it had a chance.


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    August 14, 2007
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    Xbox One has been invented to generate as much cash as possible.

    It will be one expensive Remote control.


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    September 9, 2012
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    I see the Live TV as a premium service tied in with a compatible box from Sky or Virgin (that allows the XBOX to change channels control via HDMI). It removed the need to switch inputs (TV, Amp, etc) when you change the source but I get everything through MediaPortal anyhow. The only reason I change inputs at the moment is to switch to the XBox 360.

    All Video services will be from subscription services like Netflix or SkyNow. I don't expect it to integrate with anything I have stored in the house so MediaPortal wins again for me.

    As for Skype, I' d be interested to find out how many people actually video chat? I have it on my PC, Phone & tablet but never used it except for the odd voice call.

    For me, the XBox One will be a games machine. Yes I want one & yes it's already on my Christmas list but I won't be paying for all the premium services that were showed off at yesterdays launch. MediaPortal (& XBMC) has everything covered for that as far as I'm concerned.


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  • August 3, 2008
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    other question:

    Xbox One uses an AMD x86 chip, so it would technically possible to run MP on the xbox!? Maybe not out of the box, but after a jailbreak...

    For me that's the more interesting point :)
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    So far from what I've read the only thing that the Xbox One will do that Xbox 360 doesn't do already is the Live TV feature. And the only thing that it can do that MP doesnt do as far as I can tell is Play Xbox games lol.


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    February 3, 2012
    Having Mediaportal running as a client on the Xbox One would be awesome!

    I have read they try hard to find developers for the box. Maybe team media portal will port it to the box.

    Imaging you can control your mepo with gesture and voice commands.....
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  • June 10, 2008
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    voice commands is already possible there is some youtube videos showing MP being controlled with voice commands. I can't remember the name of the software that is used.

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