[Pending] XMLTV import Icon, save to DB, expose to skins

Blue Lightning

Portal Member
October 8, 2011

Patch for MP1 attached

* The database can store an Icon value
* xmltvimport will save an icon src when importing data (if available)
* Skins can access the icon

In xmltv data, programmes can optionally include an icon element with a src attribute. Example: <icon src="404 - MEDIAPORTAL"> This is part of the xmltv standard.
Skins can access the attribute in the TV guide as #TV.Guide.Icon, the list of scheduled recording as #TV.Scheduled.Icon, and the TV search as #TV.Search.Icon

This version of the patch is untested (I've had so much trouble compiling the TV server without any modification) but I've been running these changes all year and it works well.
This other patch is useful because it'll save the images temporarily instead of redownloading every session. But it is not required. The two patches can function on their own.
The benefit of this patch is that skins will be able to access a programme's icon (logo/thumbnail/image) from the data provider (if supplied) and display it in the guide, search results, schedule. The current image displayed is usually the channel logo via .Thumb, and this has not changed.


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