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April 3, 2012
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A lot of the new Smart TVs have a YouTube app that allows users to 'push' YouTube videos from android and other mobile devices to their TV. My understanding is that there is a 'Pair with TV' function where you enter a unique number that you request from the TV app which then gets displayed on the TV which you then key into your mobile device. Once this is done, you can the choose to play the YouTube clip either on the mobile device or on the TV screen.

I would love this as often I get smsed YouTube clips or see them on my tablet that I want to then watch on TV, so this would be the most user friendly way of doing this rather than opening it in online videos.

Cheers - Scott


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February 27, 2012
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United Kingdom United Kingdom is the desktop app for doing this. Simply set this up with you android youtube app using the instruction on the site, then you the MultiShortcut plugin to launch the app from MP.

Here is a good guide on how to set up Multishortcut just change the word netflix to youtube and for a backgound look to google images there are a lot I use this one.

Once in the youtube app you can push videos from your phone or navigate with a keyboard or MCE remote.

Exit with alt-F4 for keyboard or for remote either press the WMC button to bring MP to the front (youtube will still run behind though) or use something like Eventghost to config a unused remote button to be alt-F4.

This is how I do this, if you need anymore help let me know.


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    Nice idea.

    It's definitely could be possible for a process plugin or online videos to support this (assuming they have an API or you can sneak a peak at the code required)

    I imagine it could be implemented two ways

    1. Process plugin or online videos constantly monitor for youtube events, then launch notification popup with option to launch online videos with youtube url
    2. Enter online videos, choose option pairing, then scan for youtube events.
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    When I get a link sent to my mobile device, I play it for a couple of seconds so it gets saved in my Watch History. I then go to Online Videos and it's there to play.


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