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April 7, 2013
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Hi all,

kindly like to propose / discuss 2 topics for more efficient resource usage on the MP regarding tuner and reachable channel switching times in multi-tuner systems.
Please ignore (and let me know) in case this is already discussed somewhere else or even already kind of implemented.

Assumption: More than one usable tuner available.

1. Zap Prediction

Idea: Similar to the implementation within some commercial receiver, I would propose the implementation of a kind of intelligent "zap prediction".
E.g. in the simplest implementation by recognizing several subsequent channel increments or decrements by 1.
In case of such a zapping being recognized, MP could pre-tune already the second (or more) tuner to the next expected channel (e.g. +1 or -1).
Later on this prediction algorithm could be extended e.g. by a kind of a self-learning algorithm by analysing the zapping profile of the user over a certain period of time (e.g. recognizing the most used channels etc.) and then pre-tuning to the next channel according statistics etc.

Expected Benefit: Shorter channel switching times

Potential Problems: Maybe quite some complex priority handling due to interaction with other functionality!?

2. Tuner interleaving

Idea: Again assuming more than one tuner available. When switching from one to another channel, then by default also switch to the other tuner could be implemented. First (initial) used tuner would stay on the original watched channel.

Expected Benefit: Switching back to original channel or several switches between these 2 channels or the last 2 used channels could be faster.

Potential Problems: Again quite complex priority handling due to interaction with other functionality.

Kindly let me know your feedback on above ideas.


Best regards, hornetoli
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    Will be very hard to implement as tuners have a lot to do: provide live TV for several users, recording, EPG grabbing, etc. You can have the same channel on 2 different types of tuners (DVB-T and DVB-S), one might be HD, the other SD (even if both HD they are not the same). You also have restrictions on CAM decryption of channels which sometimes can work on multiple channels, sometimes it can't. Channels sharing a transponder do not need a new tune, so keeping the current transponder and just decoding a different channel is even faster...

    These are just a few things from someone who does not code for the TVE. So...

    If you can overcome this, why not.

    I think TVE 3.5 is working on implementing a priority based system for assigning tuners, so someone might be able to add a low-level priority for pre-tunes and post-tuned channels that will be kicked by any other request.

    If that is possible: nice idea ;-)

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