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AppLauncher (2 Viewers)

A plugin to launch any software from MediaPortal2

UPnP / DLNA Media Server (1 Viewer)

Allow UPNP/DLNA devices to access media from the media library

Emulators (3 Viewers)

View and start emulated and PC games from MediaPortal 2


bring the MPExtended API to MP2

OnlineVideos for MediaPortal 2

allows watching videos from various websites, using their RSS feeds, parsing html pages, coding against provided APIs or directly adding urls of live streams

TvWishList (2 Viewers)

Never again miss your favourite movie when it is showing up on TV

Webradio (1 Viewer)

allows browsing and streaming of over 4000 web radios / audios streams / radio stations


a tcp remote control server
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