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    Solved - New Install 1.15.0 Starting TV Crashes MP - WIN 10 HDHOMERUN

    Hi guys I am a newbie to MP, I generally use Windows MCE. So far I have had the same issue for both MP2 which I installed then uninstalled to try MP 1.15.0. I have managed to watch some stored vids on my NAS just to check and make sure all was kinda working. I have run the TV Configuration and...
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    [News] MediaPortal 1 - 1.15.0 Released!

    We've just finished the final 1.15.0 release of MediaPortal 1. Have a look at the ::release news:: to find out more about the improvements it brings to your HTPC! Highlights of this release Along with the various bug fixes, we have included the following improvements: Separate settings for...
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    [News] MediaPortal 1.15.0 Pre-Release ready for testing!

    We've just uploaded our latest 1.15.0 Pre-Release to Sourceforge! Along with the following items we kept consolidating our software: Separate settings for DVD and BD external players. Improved Wake On LAN support. HID remote handler now supports multiple profiles to make it easier for users to...
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