Solved - New Install 1.15.0 Starting TV Crashes MP - WIN 10 HDHOMERUN (1 Viewer)


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March 29, 2017
Australia Australia
Hi guys
I am a newbie to MP, I generally use Windows MCE.
So far I have had the same issue for both MP2 which I installed then uninstalled to try MP 1.15.0.
I have managed to watch some stored vids on my NAS just to check and make sure all was kinda working.
I have run the TV Configuration and scanned for channels on my HDHomerun all OK.
Opening MP1.15 and going to TV\TV Guide and selecting a channel causes MP to apparently freexe for a min or so and then the notification that it has stopped working and that I need to close it appears. Had the same result for MP2 so i am guessing it is something in my setup.

Again any help guys is greatly appreciated.

I have been trying randomly over the last ffew years to get MP up and running with no real success but after seeing it working on a few other vids I am gonna power on with it.



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March 29, 2017
Australia Australia
Sooooooooooooo reading the forum seems to be the solution

If anyone needs to know how to solve.

I set all Codecs to LAV

Something to do with a windows 10 update -

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