1. bta489

    [solved] DVB-T2 Recordings: Sometimes no Audio after muxing with mkvmerge

    Hi there, I have a strange problem with mkvmerge when processing some recordings from german DVB-T2. So what's happening: I record a show on my HTPC. I access the recordings from a different PC to Remux it to MKV, remove unwanted tracks and cut off the beginning and the end with mkvmerge...
  2. A

    AAC 2.0 going out of sync

    Have an issue with several AAC 2.0 files going out of sync Video plays fine, audio gets delayed. that is video is ahead of sound - not audio ahead of picture Using windows's own "Film &TV" plays fine Tried LAV Audio, Microsoft,Monogram all have same issue. File test with has audio Audio ID...
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