1. badboyxx

    Unable to play BD-Iso

    Hello everyone, I have installed latest MP and configured that my BD-Iso's should be played with the internal player. I'm managing my movies with MovPic. When I start an Iso I get the popup, if I want to start the BD-menue or the movie. After the selection I get an error. I tried it with...
  2. fLaSkin

    [solved] Passing ISO (-Path) to external Player without mounting it?

    Hi all, some time is gone since I've watched a 3D BluRay. Yesterday I decided to "do it again". I've installed PowerDVD 15 Ultra on my rig and setup the usual external player and Virtual Drive (native [Win10]) Parts in MePo. After struggling a bit with problems I could fix (more or less) with...
  3. A

    Tools and other software Comment mettre à jour mon lecteur?

    Bonjour, Peut-être, je ne sais pas les informations sur logiciels, avant, j'ai acheté un lecteur Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, il peut lire bluray, dvd, il est génial! Mais je veux mettre à jour mon logiciel. Je ne sais pas comment faire? Merci de votre aide!
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