1. Rob Hexenmeister

    [solved] Latests Media Handler - Skinning an updating window or control

    Good evening :) Can anybody think of a way of making a window reload/refresh or a skin control reload/update after a TV server stop/start event occurs? On my Basic Home window (35) I have labels which show upcoming recordings and active recordings using Latest Media Handler properties, but of...
  2. morpheus_xx

    [News] Looking for MediaPortal Software Developers

    Software Developer C# The MediaPortal 2 team is seeking committed people to strengthen its developer basis Are you interested in driving the development of an advanced HTPC software? Would you like new features get implemented faster? Well, then join us! What we offer: Almost unlimited...
  3. HTPCSourcer

    What comes in here

    Developers: Once a developer reaches the point in development of his feature/bugfix/rework, where it can be tested by the community, he opens a thread in this forum section There he will share information about the change itself, a changelog and provide a binary or a download link to an...
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