dvb epg

  1. MrGrymReaper

    MediaPortal DVB EPG - More Detailed Information

    Hi, I feel while the DVB EPG is an outstanding piece of work by the development team behind MediaPortal and works really well. Potentially providing an EPG at no extra cost for those who don't want to subscribe to an EPG service. It however could use some more love to extend the amount of...
  2. Chris Melville

    EPG (both DVB and WebEPH) stopped working?

    Dear MediaPortal experts, I use MediaPortal TV server as a back-end to Kodi. Until yesterday, it was working almost fine (I think). I have both the DVB EPG and the WebEPG plugin enabled. I have never been too sure how these work together: I assume that they work in tandem, writing data to the...
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