1. aalemann

    [solved] How to manually add a channel

    Hi, since the channel scan cannot find a few channels (which can be found and tuned in using the software "WinTV", so the TV card is working properly), I wanted to manually add them. It is a DVB-S channel and I opened the TV-Server configuration, TV Channels and clicked on Add in the box...
  2. badboyxx

    TV card is listed as unknown in TV-server config

    Hello, I've give MP2 (version 2.2) another try and wanted to test it simultaneous with MP1. I have installed it as a single seat (client andserver). I saw that my both DVB-S2 tuner are listed as unknown in TV-Server configuration. The two DVB-C tuner works fine. All cards are from Digital...
  3. R

    Problem using DVB-S (works only after DVB-T??)

    Hi there, since Release 13 and now in 14 Pre-Release I have the problem that after start of MP I get the message there is no card aviable for DVB-S. (by the way it's only the Titan skin which shows up this message - on Default Wide HD there is only an messagebox without error message (in german...
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