1. Snoopy87

    [Verkauf] HTPC OrigenAE S10V mit kompletter Hardware

    Verkauft wird ein kompletter HTPC bestehend aus: OrigenAE S10V Gehäuse in schwarz ASUS STRIX Z270G Intel Celeron G3930 mit passivem Kühler Curcial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 4 GB MSI GTX 1050 Ti OC Digital Devices Cine S2 V6.5 Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250 GB be quiet! Netzteil Original Fernbedienung...
  2. Micropolis

    For sale - Origen AE HTPC Case with touch screen incl. mainboard, blu-ray disc drive and other components

    After many years as a MediaPortal supporter and plugin developer I will now have to say goodbye to my beloved HTPC for personal reasons. Accordingly, I am now offering this exclusively here to the community and would be happy if both professionals or newcomers would be interested in it. Some...
  3. D

    hauppauge quadhd - 4 tuner pcie card

    I've been looking for a replacement for my digialtnow quad card (no longer made)and this looks very good. Anyone have a hauppauge quadhd card? specs at: $99us on amazon see...
  4. Stéphane Lenclud

    Operating System Shut down when I press the sleep button

    I like my HTPC to shut down when I hit the power button on my remote control. The problem is that an MCE remote actually sends the sleep command when you hit the power button. By default on Windows (7, 8 and 10) the sleep button sends your computer into sleep mode. In your settings you can...
  5. purehavuk

    Created an HTPC dedicated website, need your help with MediaPortal [CONTEST]

    Hello MediaPortal users, I have started a website dedicated to HTPC hardware, software, gaming, and more. At the moment it is officially up and running. The reason I am here, is because it has been a very long time since I used MediaPortal and I want my visitors to have all available options...
  6. zerozer00

    Hilfe ich werde zu Alt für so etwas!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hallo alle miteinander, ich bin seit einiger Zeit schon am überlegen mir einen HTPC zusammenzustellen habe auch bereits etliche Foren durchforstet. Doch bin ich nie auf meine Wunschkonfiguration gestoßen bzw. war es mir nicht möglich zu verstehen ob die vorgestellte Konfiguration meine Wünsche...
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