1. Ministerk

    [MOD]OnlineVideos and Games Theme

    OnlineVideos and Games Theme This is a theme/mod for the excellent Apollo skin and it comes with two OnlineVideos tab layouts and one Games tab layout that replaces the TV tab if enabled. Latest version v1.1.1.0 ApolloOnlineVideos.and.Games.Theme_v1.1.1.0.mpe1 Modes/Layouts The OnlineVideos...
  2. Ministerk

    [MOD]Latest OnlineVideos in BasicHome for Titan Extended Two. Ver. 2

    Hi, I have made a small mod for the BasicHome screen of the Titan Extended Two theme. The mod displays the latest three OnlineVideos in an overlay when a tile configured to show the mvCentral overlay has focus. To install: Backup the original Team...
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