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  1. raffe

    1.33 [SOLVED] UNC links do not work with MyTVSeries

    Hi! I was running MP1.33 x64 and I was fine and happy since many years, then the hard drive on the HTPC died. But I was able to copy the folders "ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\" and "\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\plugins\" to the new hard drive. After installing MP1.33 x64 and...
  2. m3rcury

    [Utility] MPSeries Mover

    This is a small utility that will help you move your download series episode files to their respective series folder. If you have your series organised as mine, i.e. you have one folder on your NAS containing separate folders for your series, then this tool is for you. Just make sure that the...
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