mp2 2.4

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    Video replay speed

    MediaPortal with the WMC skin is a fine replacement for MS WMC except that we do miss not being able to play videos speeded up (not fast forward - speeded up so you can still hear the sound) or in slow motion. Any chance of getting these in a future release?
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    Play file from File Explorer

    It would be a great feature if we could select a file to play from Windows File Explorer, either by setting the default application for e.g. the .ts (or any other image, video or audio) file to MediaPortal, or via the File Explorer context menu 'Open with' as other media players can (e.g...
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    MP2 - V2.4 Recorded TV thumbs not being created

    I just installed MP2.4 on a new Win10 box (new test system for replacement of MP2.3 laptop) and its all working fine except that the thumbs for the recorded TV are not being created. I have checked the settings in the TV server configuration: 'Recordings' on the thumbs page and 'autocreate...
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