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    [MP2 Server+Client] Some live TV channels are blank

    Hi, First of all, thank you guys for existing and being awesome! I have read a gazillion topics and you are patient and helpful. I am having issues with some channels not playing (being blank and mute). My setup: Win 10 Ceton Inifinitv 6 PCIe with CableCARD on Digital Comcast MediaPortal 2...
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    Blue screen with MP2

    Hi, I am having problems. :-( I attempted to install MP2 from the download page but it was failing as it was trying to install DirectX. I found a link to another version, MediaPortal-2__origin__WiP_SR15_U1_v4__2015-08-03--17-01 (if that's any help). Now, this version installed but once I...
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    Kodi "Add-on couldn't be loaded. An unexpected error occurred."

    Hi! I've successfully installed MP2 server to my windows 7 pc today and was happy with how easily configured it was to identify my TV tuners and scan for channels. Since then I've been very frustrated by how difficult it has been to get Kodi to play nicely with it! I've installed Kodi on the...
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