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September 30, 2016
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First of all, thank you guys for existing and being awesome! I have read a gazillion topics and you are patient and helpful.

I am having issues with some channels not playing (being blank and mute).

My setup:
Win 10
Ceton Inifinitv 6 PCIe with CableCARD on Digital Comcast
MediaPortal 2, fresh install.

I had Win 8 + WMC which worked great but I needed to upgrade to Win 10, so chose to go with MediaPortal. Last year I installed MediaPortal 1, it worked well except I was too lazy to setup WebEPG, so it was semi-useless, like a motel TV. I barely watch TV so it slipped off my radar, when I got back into it, started trying to watch and record - nothing worked. I did a lot of reading and learning so I now know why it did not work, but in the process I ripped out MP install and started over with MP2 because it got CableCARD support since I last tried using my TV.

Fast forward to beginning of this week: I started by trying to setup EPG, but everything kept crashing and freezing - identified as bad signal due to faulty wall jack. Replaced wall jack. Now signal appears strong, tuning from channel to channel is nice and smooth. Scanned (with correct Digital setting), followed instructions and answers on this forum - got all the channels mapped to all the tuners. Got guide (not complete, but enough to test). Got schedules. Now when I try to preview certain channels in the Server - the popup with player is blank, on Client its black screen (and client does not crash). I checked my channel list online and I should have the channel I am trying to tune into.

Ceton Config shows me all green checkmarks, and says it tunes into the channel successfully. I have not yet located the web panel for Ceton card.

Log snipped from last try:
[2016-09-30 08:55:50,166] [105481 ] [SetupTv  ] [INFO ] - preview Golf HD user:-1 0 setuptv C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\timeshiftbuffer\live7-7.ts.tsbuffer
[2016-09-30 08:55:50,171] [105486 ] [SetupTv  ] [DEBUG] - play:C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\timeshiftbuffer\live7-7.ts.tsbuffer
[2016-09-30 08:55:50,234] [105549 ] [SetupTv  ] [INFO ] - TSReaderPlayer:add TsReader to graph
[2016-09-30 08:55:50,234] [105549 ] [SetupTv  ] [DEBUG] - load file in Ts
[2016-09-30 08:56:00,263] [115577 ] [SetupTv  ] [INFO ] - TSReaderPlayer:render TsReader outputs
At this point I am stumped - having trouble finding logs that can be helpful, but my next steps were going to be:
- locate Ceton web panel and see if it provides any clues
- make sure all codecs were correct (need to finish crawling through all of MP2 Client settings which is difficult with a remote).

Maybe someone can take a look at my logs and have a better suggestion for next steps?! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Edit: added more details
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    Hhm... I would say the channel "Golf HD" is simply not broadcasting anything. Look at the signal level.

    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,629] [48237754] [30 ] [INFO ] - DRI CC: tune channel 749 "Golf HD", sub channel ID -1
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,630] [48237755] [30 ] [INFO ] - dvb:GetNewSubChannel:1 #7
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,630] [48237755] [30 ] [INFO ] - card: AddTuneEvent card: 7 / subch: 7
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,630] [48237755] [30 ] [INFO ] - DRI CC: already tuned
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,630] [48237755] [30 ] [INFO ] - RunGraph
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,631] [48237756] [30 ] [INFO ] - DRI CC: signal locked immediately
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,631] [48237756] [30 ] [INFO ] - subch:7 SetupPmtGrabber:pid 54 sid:3
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,741] [48237866] [30 ] [INFO ] - subch:7 SendPmt:3 3 FFFFFFFF C
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,742] [48237867] [30 ] [INFO ] - descr1 len:6 9 4 47 49 e1 24
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,743] [48237868] [30 ] [INFO ] - subch:7 stop tif
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,931] [48238056] [30 ] [INFO ] - **************************************************
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,933] [48238058] [30 ] [INFO ] - ***** SIGNAL LEVEL: 0, SIGNAL QUALITY: 37 *****
    [2016-09-30 08:55:49,934] [48238059] [30 ] [INFO ] - **************************************************


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    September 30, 2016
    United States of America United States of America
    Thank you for quick reply!

    Hhm... I would say the channel "Golf HD" is simply not broadcasting anything. Look at the signal level.
    Could that be due to bad tuning/scanning info? IMDB says the channel has active programming: http://www.imdb.com/tvgrid/2016-09-30/GOLFHD/?zip=94607&tv_prov=CA04763&start_date=2016-09-30

    How can I test this theory?

    I could try improving my signal quality as first step? Looking at this guide: http://wiki.team-mediaportal.com/1_...ion/TV-Server_Configuration/11_Manual_Control - it says Level 0, quality 94.
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