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    Large xml database in My Movies Management. I remain unclear on use My Films as bridge to MP2.2

    MP 2 is doing well with my movie database of untagged files. It would be much better if MP2 (and me) could use all the work done with My Movies Manager. I think it's been stated that what's needed is just about done, but not integrated yet? What can I do, now? I am willing to chance complications!
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    [solved] No Live TV in MP2.2 Client - Can TEST Successfully in "MediaPortal 2 TV Configuration" utility

    I upgraded from MP 2.1 to 2.2 this weekend. I went through and reconfigured everything. The utility can confirm I can see and hear without issues, but once in MP2 Client, the video either freezes in place or goes blank. I had no issues with this until after the upgrade. I am hoping that the...
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    [solved] HID remote for mp2 and w10 64 bit? using all tools: sony, cisco, homeworkx ng

    IR Receiver blinks red and IR receiver has correct drivers. Wired keyboard and mouse work fine. No mapping shows on abstract remote map creator, translator, while trying to use IR Server Config. I prob won't use TV, but I did use TV config. System works great with combined server/client. Need...
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