1. ajs

    [Finished] MP1-4761 Movie Collection support in MyVideo

    Movie Collection support in MyVideo: Add skin propertiers: #usergroups - like Group1 / Group2 / Group3 #moviecollection #tmdbnumber #localdbnumber #userrating #isgroup #iscollection #moviepath Add support for TMDB ID and Movie collections to TMDB.csscript ... - Collection, Collection...
  2. ajs

    The question of the movie importer.

    You can make a movie importer as separate plugin? Then it could be integrated with my videos ...
  3. Vasilich

    How to export NFO file only for some (or even one) video in DB?

    There is a button "export info to NFO files" that is applied to all videos in db. But i want to export info to NFo only for some videos. is it possible?
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