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    [not reproducible] Online videos not working at all

    Before you create this bug report: Make sure that your system (Windows, codecs and drivers) is up to date, matching the Requirements and you've filled in your System Specs. Have a look at our MediaPortal Wiki! Maybe the solution is already there. Have a look at our Jira (Bug and Issue...
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    Debug OnlineVideos, How To?

    Hi all. I'm trying to fix the TV4Play plugin for OnlineVideos, but I've problem with the debuging. When I've changed something in the file TV4Play.cs and build it and then start to debug, it says that the source file is different from when the module was built. But when I do the same thing...
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    Problem mit Online Videos

    Hallo, ich komme eigentlich vom MCE und teste Mediaportal 2 gerade als mögliche Alternative, da es ja nicht mehr unterstützt wird. Live TV habe ich auch erfolgreich eingerichtet. Die Online Videos machen mir gerade Schwierigkeiten. Wenn ich auf Online Videos gehe, so waren da einige Seiten...
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