1. B

    Enable WCG and HDR for photos

    I develope my RAW images to adobeRGB JPG. If i enable WCG and HDR in windows 10 control panel, the photo dispalyed on my Oled TV by mediaportal are wonderful!!! I'd like to auto switch WCG and HDR on when i start to display photos by mediaportal. It is possible? Can i enable WCG and HDR by...
  2. ajs

    [Finished] Additional info from EXIF for MyPictures

    Trying to expand the amount of information about the pictures. I want to add data from the EXIF / IPTC. Like: IPTC Keywords Country State City Sublocation EXIF: Equipment Make Camera Model Date Picture Taken Metering Mode Flash Exposure Time Exposure Program FStop Exposure Compensation...
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