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    DVB-IP Scan stopped working

    Until recently I had a working DVB-IP list. After reinstalling WIndows 10 and putting all the databses, program data and user files for MediaPortal on the new installation, all works but the DVB-IP. The streams still work with VLC but when scanning for them in TVServer config I get 'No Signal'...
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    DVB-C NIT scanning (search for transponder list): add "Network ID" selection

    Please add the possibility to select the "Network ID" when using the "search for transponder list" option with DVB-C scanning (and possibly other DVB stream types). My cable provider (upc Cablecom Switzerland) has a transponder with NIT information but has multiple Network-IDs in the stream...

    Schedule dvb-s2 channel scan

    Hi all, I have noticed that over time the quality of the DVB-S2 signal decreases and I have to rescan and updates for the channels in order to be able to watch tv properly again. I was wondering if there is some way to trigger the channel scan via a dos command of some sort to be able to...
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