1. Rob Hexenmeister

    Detect recording in progress from external script (AHK)

    I use an AHK script to launch Mediaportal. The reason is that I can tell it to perform other tasks before launching the programme (for instance switching on my Energenie sockets etc) as well as remapping some of my remote control buttons. The one shortcoming is that doing it this way...
  2. bta489

    Tools and other software [Batch-Script] Music-Folder-Artist-Thumb-Creator

    Hi there, I created a little Batch-Script that I'd like to share. It scans your Music-Folder and creates Folder thumbs for your Artists-Folders using your Mediaportal Thumbs-Folder. Additionally, you can choose if all thumbnails should be set as hidden. So your Music Folder that may look like...
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