1. R

    diverse Probleme und Fragen

    Ich bin neuer Nutzer von MP und nachdem MP1 ständig Fehler hatte teste ich jetzt MP2 und wollte mir das MCE Skin anschauen. Aber auf der Seite mit den MP2 Skins (MP2 Skins - MEDIAPORTAL) wird gar nichts angezeigt, nur folgende Fehler-Meldung: JLIB_HTML_NO_RECORDS_FOUND Ich finde es generell...
  2. T

    Fonts for Mediaportal Skins.

    Hi, I have recently been editing the fonts.xml for mediaportal skins, I can change font sizes and a couple of fonts, some don't seem to work though, Does anyone know what specific fonts I can use, is there a certain amount, or any font I want, Can't find anything on the subject, Much...
  3. wizard123

    New MP1 skin test

    Hi guys, I have a new skin to be included in MP1 installer as another optional skin but i need some testing done before it's ready. This skin is very modular in design as in the home tiles can be edited directly by pressing info/f9 on the tile and selecting the relevent button ( plugin...
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