1. faumann

    Pctv 461e dvb-s2 stick

    hallo, Hat jemand MediaPortal mit dem PCTV 461e Stick von (jetz) Hauppauge bereits zum laufen bekommen? In der Doku steht PCTV noch unter Pinnacle und bei den unsupported oder partly supported tv Karten drin. Ein kleiner Hinweis wäre super. Grüße Felix
  2. X

    Angel USB Composite Latency

    So, I'm trying to use an Angel USB Tuner's composite to effectively use my PC as a tv for gaming. However, the latency is about 1 to 2 seconds between controller input and game response! Is there any way to lower this latency?
  3. HTPCSourcer

    Operating System IR Receiver (USB) not functioning after standby

    Tagging: @azzuro , @RicoHTPC , @Brudertac Hello community, Problem: The USB IR receiver is not functioning anymore after the PC resumes from standby and/or hibernate. This thread is meant to collect information about the problem, discuss and test possible solutions until a general...
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