1. K

    EPG/Scheduled Recordings Question

    First and foremost, thank you for developing MediaPortal. I was using MP 1 (v 1.16) until recently, when I switched to MP2 (v2.1). One thing I have noticed is that in MP 1, I was able to see the title for every episode of a series I was recording in the EPG and, if I was recording a series, on...
  2. ajs

    [Finished] Additional info from EXIF for MyPictures

    Trying to expand the amount of information about the pictures. I want to add data from the EXIF / IPTC. Like: IPTC Keywords Country State City Sublocation EXIF: Equipment Make Camera Model Date Picture Taken Metering Mode Flash Exposure Time Exposure Program FStop Exposure Compensation...
  3. P

    MPEG2 files - save recorded show details to MP2 file, not just separate XML file

    I have been unable to locate any documentation on my own for this issue. I am using Media Portal 1 to record TV shows. Media Portal creates a XML file containing details about the show recorded, such as title, episode number, etc. I am using a networked blu-ray DVD player to access my recorded...
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