TV-Server 0003940: XMLTV Plugin Radio EPG is not handled in the same way as TV EPG (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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The XMLTV plugin does not seem to support populating the Radio Guide in the same way as it does for TV Channels. The user can select the option to show radio channels, but the channel group drop-down list still only shows the TV Channel Groups and the Radio Channel Groups are not shown. The Radio Channels only display when the user selects the "All Channels" group (by selecting no group in the drop-down list), however this then means that the user has to search through all the TV and Radio Channels (which will often also mean that the user has to deselect a whole load of auto-mapped channels which they didn't want the system to auto-map).<br /> <br /> The drop-down group list should be amended to include Radio Channel Groups (and the groups should be clearly annotated as "Radio" or "TV" in case the user has got the same group names in the Radio and TV section. Or, the option to show radio channels should make the drop-down list ONLY show radio groups and their associated channels.

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