TV-Server 0003941: Open TV and Radio EPG at first channel not last tuned channel (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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The skin engine enhancements for 1.3.0Alpha sneaked in a change of behaviour whereby when you open the TV EPG the channel at the top of the list is the last-tuned channel, not the first channel in the group.<br /> <br /> As a side-effect of this, if a channel has never been tuned (new install) then entering the EPG is not possibly until a channel has been tuned.<br /> <br /> mm1352000 has agreed that we should revert this behaviour for 1.3.0Beta, and then discuss whether we want this change (but without the bugs!).<br /> <br /> We need to make sure that entering the EPG works for both TV and radio on a clean install. This can be done by finding the relevant entry in MediaPortal.xml for the channel and deleting it (also check channel groups).

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