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The Default skin does not have any themes. The DefaultWide skin does have themes.<br /> <br /> Also..<br /> <br /> The "theme" section of SkinSettings.xml should only contains one "name" entry; the name of the currently selected theme. Having more than one entry could result in unpredictable behavior since the settings are read into a dictionary in an unpredictable order. In any event, having more than one entry is not supported. FYI - The list of names of available themes is determined by reading the content of the "theme.xml" file in each subdirectory of the skin Themes directory.<br /> <br /> Following is the current content of DefaultWide SkinSettings.xml:<br /> <br /> <profile><br /> <section name="booleansettings"><br /> <entry name="#skin.tvguide.usecolorsforbuttons">True</entry><br /> <entry name="#skin.tvguide.usecolorsforgenre">True</entry><br /> <entry name="#skin.tvguide.useborderhighlight">False</entry><br /> <entry name="#skin.tvguide.showgenrekey">True</entry><br /> </section><br /> <section name="theme"><br /> <entry name="name">Skin default</entry><br /> <entry name="name">No Animation on BasicHome</entry><br /> </section><br /> <section name="tvguidecolors"><br /> <entry name="guidecolorchannelbutton">FF404040</entry><br /> <entry name="guidecolorchannelbuttonselected">FF6495ED</entry><br /> <entry name="guidecolorgroupbutton">FF404040</entry><br /> <entry name="guidecolorgroupbuttonselected">FF6495ED</entry><br /> <entry name="guidecolorprogramselected">FF6495ED</entry><br /> <entry name="guidecolorprogramended">FF202020</entry><br /> <entry name="guidecolorborderhighlight">FF6DF0FF</entry><br /> <entry name="defaultgenre">FF83A17D,FF404040</entry><br /> <entry name="0">FF18D22E,FF18D22E</entry><br /> <entry name="1">FFFF69B4,FFFF69B4</entry><br /> <entry name="2">FFFA1919,FFFA1919</entry><br /> <entry name="3">FF800000,FF800000</entry><br /> <entry name="4">FF2169EE,FF2169EE</entry><br /> <entry name="5">FFFFD700,FFFFD700</entry><br /> <entry name="6">FF006400,FF006400</entry><br /> </section><br /> </profile>

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