0004059: Using numeric keys in Mypictures plugin opens layout menu (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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In Windowpluginbase.cs there is check for following in public override bool OnMessage(GUIMessage message):<br /> <br /> if (message.TargetControlId == btnLayouts.GetID)<br /> <br /> In case of sms search, message.TargetControlId holds sender window id and in case for Mypictures it is "2" exactly as btnLayouts id and as condition is "true"<br /> folowing is executed:<br /> // Set the new layout and select the currently selected item in the layout.<br /> SetLayout((Layout)btnLayouts.SelectedItemValue);<br /> SelectCurrentItem();<br /> <br /> // Refocus on the layout button control.<br /> GUIControl.FocusControl(GetID, message.TargetControlId);<br /> <br /> msgHandled = true;<br /> <br /> which opens side menu for layout, sort....

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