0004084: Rework S3/S4 handling in regards to automatic resume (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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Resuming needs an overhaul in regards to automatic resume events. Right now the useS3Hack variable treats automatic resume as a user initiated resume which works for most users. In the current codebase PBT_AUTOMATICRESUME does nothing beside setting some tracking variables that are not used outside the OnAutomaticResume() method as all.<br /> <br /> In addition removing of the XP registry key for allowing USB devices to wake up the machine. This is not an MP specific issue but a Windows XP related issue and well document. MP should not fiddle with system keys here. Also this only applies to machines with the first ACPI support. According to MS these machines such machines were considered "legacy" at the time of XP's release.<br /> <br /> Other S3 workarounds (e.g. for Nvidia) could probably also be removed.<br /> <br /> Powerschedule Plugin should not be affected by these changes.

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