0004086: Fonts for Titan and Default/Wide are in the wrong folder in GIT repository (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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The fonts for the skins in GIT are stored in<br /> <br /> mediaportal/mediaportal.base/skin/DefaultWide/MPDefaultFonts<br /> mediaportal/mediaportal.base/skin/Default/MPDefaultFonts<br /> mediaportal/mediaportal.base/skin/Titan/Fonts<br /> <br /> but they should be in the equivalent folder in MediaPortal.Base (note capitalisation).<br /> <br /> Also, mayatypeui.ttf can be removed.<br /> <br /> For Titan, the needed fonts are Titan.ttf, TitanLight.ttf, TitanMedium.ttf and TitanSmall.ttf.<br /> <br /> TitanSmall.ttf is already in<br /> <br /> mediaportal/MediaPortal.Base/skin/Titan/Fonts<br /> <br /> and we need to check the NSIS installer to install all of these fonts, not install mayatypeui.ttf and install from the correct location.

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