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March 26, 2007
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Currently there is no way to 'wrap' text 'overflow' in labels - the only option is a textbox (or textboxscrollup) control which are really designed for long multi-text, OR a scrolling fadelabel (and a lot of scrolling in different directions can get really annoying)<br /> <br /> This feature would provide a GUILabelControEx" and/or "GUITextControlEx" class which do what ALL other text labels can do by specifying the behaviour with properties/tags supported for the control. These could replace all the other label/text controls in the future.<br /> <br /> The new controls should support all existing features of text controls. See Wiki Skin architecture docs for, Label, Fadelabel, Textbox, TextBoxScrollup.<br /> <br /> In addition \r is currently supported in fadelabels for scrolling multiple skin properties in a single control (e.g. in Media Overlay windows - like title, year, director, etc.<br /> <br /> Additional options could support justification, or 'line breaks' using \n parameter.

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