MediaPortal 1 0004431: D3D: changes since MP 1.3 introduced various issues on Windows XP (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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[PARSEHTML]Scythe42's D3D reworks/fixes were not tested on Windows XP.<br /> As it turns out, there are a few issues.<br /> 1. [mm, Sebastiii] ActivateWindow() exception.<br /> 2. [mm] Hang on switch between windowed and FS mode if media playing.<br /> 3. [mm] Hang on resize window while playing TV if haven't previously resized the window.<br /> 4. [mm] When switching to full screen, rendering of UI in full screen mode depends on previous window size.<br /> 5. [mm] 16:9 TV stretched to 16:10. Could be general issue.<br /> 6. [Sebastiii] Pictures/videos issue.<br /> 7. [mm] MP fails to work after standby resume. Device recovery fails.<br /> <br /> Most of these are in some way related to device loss/recovery scenario failures.[/PARSEHTML]
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