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March 26, 2007
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[PARSEHTML]This window is currently not very easy to understand and could use some corrections.<br /> <br /> 1. Move Audio renderer to the bottom since it's a selection of its own (Automatic Decoder Settings will disable all drop down menus but this).<br /> 2. Change the label:<br /> "Automatic Decoder Settings<br /> (use with caution - knowledge of DirectShow merits required)"<br /> to<br /> "Automatic decoder selection<br /> Caution! This option will use decoders based on merits."<br /> 3. Change the label "Source Splitter Selection (Try to use Splitter Settings)" to "Manually select Source and Splitter filters *"<br /> 4. Change the label "Splitter Source" to "Source filter"<br /> 5. Change the label "Splitter Filesync" to "Splitter filter *"<br /> 6. Disable the Splitter filter drop down menu if File Source (Async) or (URL) is not selected as Source filter, since it will not be used in this case anyway.[/PARSEHTML]
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