1.1 RC1 Fresh Install Causes Windows Error

Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC 1 & 2' started by gaz_0001, March 12, 2010.

  1. gaz_0001

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    August 4, 2009
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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I have just installed the very latest version of everything, and when loading up MePo it causes one of those windows errors, that asks you to send a report and then closes the application down. However, whilst the error report thing is up, MePo continues to load in the background and actually responds to my remote when loaded up!

    I have ran the debug mode and included the logs. Can anyone get anything from this or should i do a full re-install of MePo.

    I was a bit stupid really in the installation, done everything in one go, and only tested when all configured. Heres what i done in the correct order.

    Full uninstall of MePo 1.0.2
    Install MePo 1.1 RC1
    Installed v latest StreamedMP
    Installed v latest Moving Pictures
    Installed v latest My Tv Series
    Installed v latest Online Videos
    Configured and imported everything from the configurator, ie films, series, pictures, online videos, rss feeds, audioscrobbler & last fm.
    Then fired up media portal

    I know, i should of done things one at a time, but i havent touched this installation since August 2009 (Not had to, was running fine).. i was a bit eager to get it going!

    MediaPortal Version: 1.0.2
    MediaPortal Skin: StreamedMP
    Windows Version: XP SP3 (32 Bit)
    CPU Type: Athlon II 250 X2 @ 3GHz
    HDD: Samsung EcoGreen 1.5TB
    Memory: Corsair XMS2 DDR2-1066 - 4GB
    Motherboard: ASRock 790GXH /128MB
    Video Card: iGPU - Ati 3300 128MB Sideport
    Video Card Driver: Latest Catalyst (Aug 2009)
    Sound Card: Integrated
    Sound Card AC3: HDMI
    Sound Card Driver: Latest (Aug 2009)
    1. TV Card: N/A
    1. TV Card Type: N/A
    1. TV Card Driver: N/A
    2. TV Card:
    2. TV Card Type:
    2. TV Card Driver:
    3. TV Card:
    3. TV Card Type:
    3. TV Card Driver:
    4. TV Card:
    4. TV Card Type:
    4. TV Card Driver:
    MPEG2 Video Codec: Shark007 Codec Pack
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: Shark007 Codec Pack
    h.264 Video Codec: Shark007 Codec Pack
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: N/A
    HTPC Case: Silverstone LC04 Black 300w
    Cooling: Scythe Shuriken
    Power Supply: Silverstone 300w
    Remote: Gyration Media Remote & Keyboard
    TV: Samsung LE40A786 - LED
    TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI
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  3. Paranoid Delusion
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    June 13, 2005
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    Does it happen after a reboot, mine did this on first start and not seen it since, but the date format seems to be screwed according to logs so begin there, could be windows or MP issue.
  4. Dr Tone

    Dr Tone Portal Pro

    October 29, 2008
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    Calgary, AB
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    Canada Canada
    Chances are you are experiencing the infoservice bug. Infoservice is installed by streamedmp.

    1) Go into StreamedMP editor and disable 5 day weather and the weather in the top right corner.
    2) Go into MP config and disable inforservice
    3) Fire up mediaportal, go visit your weather.
    4) Close mediaportal
    5) Enable Infoservice and config the weather as you please in StreamedMP editor.

    All should be fine.
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  5. eggyman

    eggyman Portal Member

    February 21, 2010
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    I had this, but on windows 7.

    I looked at my logs and there was some sort of database error. It was trying to use sqlserver for something (although can't have been an important something as still had functionality like you).
    I already had sqlserver on the machine and i found if i uninstalled it and reinstalled mediaportal then the problem went away.

    Might be worth a shot if nothing else works?
  6. gaz_0001

    gaz_0001 Portal Member

    August 4, 2009
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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    DR Tone,

    I done what you suggested, and the error still came back when infoserice was re-enabled. However, i was able to move the error message to the site and load up Weather from MediaPortal, i then reset it and on the next bootup it worked a treat!

    Thanks very much.

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