[1.3.0] No way to get gapless playback AND 5.1/4.0 surround music? (1 Viewer)


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August 30, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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So I've plugged in some new speakers so I have a 4.0 setup now. I have set LAV Filters to dowmix to 4.0, I've set Windows to output 4.0 and when I play films or TV programmes with 5.1/7.1 audio, I get surround as expected (via LAV Filters). If I play music using PureAudio, I only get 2.0 output. My AVR signals it's still receiving 4.0 so PureAudio (or something in the chain) is either downmixing to 2.0 or only passing through the front channels to the Windows mixer.

The only way I've found to get 4.0 output when playing my 5.1 music is to disable PureAudio and just use the BASS player, but then gapless playback doesn't work.

Is there no way to get BOTH gapless playback and surround audio working for music playback?


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August 30, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Oh, another limitation of not using PureAudio: the lack of ReplayGain. Having to pick between surround music and ReplayGain with gapless playback is really annoying.

Is this situation improved with 1.4.0?

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