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June 2, 2008
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Hi All,
Since installing 1.3 I've had this annoying pop-up asking for admin password. When I click 'more info' it suggests it's because of online videos. I reckon its because of the settings are now inside the MP client and my clients auto-start to a non-admin account. I have applied a couple of updates to online videos since the problem firsts tarted (right after upgrade to 1.3) hoping they'd fix it, but no luck.

I don't want to give these accounts admin rights, because the kids use these machines by themselves.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this issues?



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  • April 26, 2008
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    OnlineVideos is set to automatically update sites on load, you can change this behaviour in the Configuration.
    When new DLLs are found on the server they need to be put into UAC protected folders, that's why there is a prompt when UAC is enabled.

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