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July 1, 2006
I have been searching for half an hour but with no results.
I have a problem with full screen view.

If I use 120 DPI caracthers (windows XP) and media portal is set to use directx, if I try the full screen view the screen gets black ( I can see instead in normal screen or original size) audio keeps working.

If I use 120 DPI and media portal is set to not use direct x I can see full screen , but if I click on the image with the mouse media portal crashes.
I need to use 120 DPI because of eyes problems so I would be very happy if I could use media portal also unde 120 dpi.

Using 96 DPI I can use media portal with direct x without any problem.

The screen is set to native resolution which is 1920 * 1200 and the video card is a nvidia go 7600 with driver updated to last version supplied by toshiba.

ciao from Italy

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  • June 13, 2005
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    120 DPI is not supported.

    Not sure who is to blame on this one, Microsoft, DirectX or Mediaportal, but has cropped up before, usually during setup, where certain buttons would not show.

    Unfortunately I know of no workaround, maybe someone does !


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