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January 7, 2006
Etten-Leur/the netherlands
P4 1.6 ghz
Nvidia 6200 128mb
maxtor 80gb
384mb internal memory
Hauppauge 150mce

He people,
This weekend i got my 150MCE.
I took my pc reinstalled windows + mediaportal 0.2 rc2 (i still had 0.1.3)
installed the drivers from the hauppauge site (WinTV-PVR-150MCE / PVR-500MCE / Amity 2 versie (WHQL Signed) (14-12-2005)
Configered the tvcard in mediaportal setup. no probs i could also find channels in autotuning .
The system did reboot once without reason, but i can live with that.

But when i started to search for radio channels the system hung and i had to kill mediaportal setup.
This happened everytime when i search for radiochannels.
The channels that were found were also saved, so i started media portal and selected my radio.
The music started playing, but the mediaportal did not respond to anything else then a ALT-F.

Has anyone met this problem/ does anyone have a solution?
Are these problems known to happen with 0.2 RC1, cause else i'll start over with RC1

Thanks for the replies

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