16:10 TFT and 4:3 TV-Set (1 Viewer)


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February 13, 2006
Hello to everyone,
i'm using media portal i've been using it for a very long time. in fact it is the only media solution i use on a daily basis. my problem is that my old crt monitor is broken and i'm planing on hopping onto the tft bandwagon. currently my eye is on a 16:10 tft with a 1440x900 resolution. thats cool because it will help me with my text work.
currently i own a 17" crt monitor with a 1024x768 resolution. i have my desktop cloned to my tv and everything works fine. when i get the new screen my setup wount work anymore since the tft has another ratio then my tv. browsing this forum i found a tool to switch the resoluiton to another custom one on the startup of media portal and back to normal if i quit media portal. the problem is, this plugin wount work with my version of media portal. since i have everything set up fine inside of media portal i would prefer a solution without the need of reconfiguring media portal.
if anyone can help me on this or has some ideas. please replay.
thank you for reading

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