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Media Portal is running fine on my HTPC with one TV Tuner.

I would like to add another TV tuner card but i've thing I will have a problem withe the sound connectors.

My motherboard has an intergrated sound chip (7.1) and my first TV Tuner is connected to it with a CD audio cable.

The problem is, I have only one connector on the motherboard.

So how will I connect the second TV Tuner card ?

Do you think it is possible to modify a CD audio cable and add a jack type connector on it so it can be plugged on the motherboard s audio IN ?

I really don't want to buy an expensive sound card just for that.

Any advice ?

Thank you



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    Why dont you buy a card which doesnt need that connector. I thought most cards just needed to be plugged into the PCI slot and that was it.

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    NetAdam said:
    well i think most cards need the audio connexion
    Maybe software based cards do, but AFAIK all MPEG2, MCE and BDA cards don't need the external audio connection.

    Just buy the cheapest Hauppauge, the 150MCE (50-60 $/Euro) and you're set to go, or take the 500MCE and you have a dual tuner setup...

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