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Discussion in 'General Support' started by wderbi, September 23, 2014.

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    Hello All. I have been running MP1.6 for quite awhile with no issues. My video card died and MePo stopped working properly...turns out the SQL database got corrupted somehow, but I didn't realize that until after completely uninstalling and reinstalling (fresh) MP1.9 pre. After finally getting everything going again, I am seeing a problem with 22khz switch configurations that I thought had been fixed after MP1.3. I am having pretty much the exact problem that was detailed in a tread we had a couple of years ago: https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/mediaportal-with-uncommitted-disceq.91185/page-2

    Here is an excerpt from my post from that thread as I am having pretty much the same problem I was having back then:
    My issues:

    I have a Dishpro DPP44 diseqC switch that allows for 4 ports to accommodate up to 4 orbitals to serve 4 different receivers. I am running a 22khz switch (on/off) on two of the ports so that I could use 6 LNBs total. This setup works great on all of my FTA equipment for all 6 birds, but I am only trying to use 5 of them in mediaportal. Dishpro equipment uses bandstacking protocol, so I am using NA custom #1 setting, and I override the LOF values and use slightly modified satellite.ini files (with vertical TPs only) to get a good scan with all channels. I do two separate scans because 3 LNBs require a switch setting of "0" because they are 22khz "off" , and two LNBs are hooked to the 22khz "on". The scans yield excellent results and I find >95% of the channels.


    119W Level 1AA (NA Custom---overwrite) 11250 11250 LNBSW=0
    110W Level 1AB (NA Custom---overwrite) 11250 11250 LNBSW=0
    129W Level 1BA (NA Custom---overwrite) 11250 11250 LNBSW=0

    91W Level 1AA (NA Custom---overwrite) 11250 11250 LNBSW=11700
    82W Level 1AB (NA Custom---overwrite) 11250 11250 LNBSW=11700

    I normally scan 119-110-129 together, then scan 91-82 together. When I scan one group, most channels work great on all satellites with the same LNBSW. However, after scanning the second group, none of the channels would work from the first group, but the channels from the second group would work fine on all satellites using that LNBSW setting. No matter which group I scanned first, mediaportal would try to force the LOF settings of the last scanned satellite.

    As a test, after scanning both satellite groups in and group 1 stopped working (as usual, channels from satellites in group 2 scan worked fine!), I started a scan on a random satellite using the same LOF settings from the non-working channels in the first group...but quickly cancelled the scan. Miraculously, channels from the first group started to work, and channels from satellite group 2 no longer worked.

    mm1532000 was kind enough to provide a patch for the old versions of MP up until 1.3 from what I can see from that old thread. I eventually upgraded to 1.5 and later 1.6, and I was not experiencing these issues. I assumed that either the patch became a permanent part of MP after 1.3, or that my patch just carried through the upgrades over the years. Either way, I was not having any issues scanning channels on either LNBSW setting, or tuning channels on either LNBSW setting. However, with the recent complete uninstall/reinstall of both MP and MySQL5.6, I am having the problem again where MP is forcing changes in the LNBSW setting from either 0 to 11700 for channel tuning; depending upon whatever was the last scanned settings. This was confirmed in the logs---I can post them, but they are virtually identical to those in the original thread. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced!!!

    On a slightly different subject, Is there a problem with MP scanning horizontal TP frequencies? I can scan updated satellite frequencies for 119W 110W, 129W, 91W, and 82W using LOF1111250 and LOF2 143500 which are supposed to be the correct frequency for scanning with Dishpro bandstacked LNBs. However, the Horizontal TPs frequencies are poorly scanned and scans miss many channels! If I convert all Horizontal TPs to Vertical, and change both LOF1 and LOF2 to 11250 before scanns, I get way more channels...Is there something wrong with the way MP handles bandstack LNBS to scan H TPs?

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