23.976 and 24 fps video jitter/stutter with EVR (but not VMR9) (1 Viewer)

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May 17, 2013
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Edit: Please delete: turns out the problem was a background VNC connection. Gah!

Here's the problem: With dynamic refresh plugin enabled (set for 23=23, 24=24 etc, per defaults), it changes the refresh rate of the video card as expected -- but it seems playback skips a frame every second or so -- this is really obvious during a slow pan as it "jumps" or stutters or whatever roughly once per second.

Mediaportal's render stats (shift 1) is shows the problem graphically:


A freind has a similar setup, and his red, green and yellow lines are all flat, with smooth playback -- but I can't figure out what is causing this on my setup.

If I change the renderer to VMR9 instead of EVR, the problem goes away (but other bugs seem to creep in -- OSD doesn't work 100%, and mediaportal's video list GUI has elements offset, partially off the screen), and I can't get the above render graph in this mode.

My mediaportal PC: Intel E8400 (Core2 duo, 2 cores @ 3ghz), NVidia GF210, 3gb RAM, windows 7 SP1.

Attached are the debug logs when playing a file using the EVR renderer.

What should I do to make the EVR play 23.976 content smoothly?

Edit: forgot to mention: Single monitor (Panasonic Plasma), and i've followed the Stuttering Guide with no differences there.
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    Thanks for reporting the solution (y)
    We generally leave threads like this, just in case other people have similar problems in the future. People can learn from your solution. :)

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